Are You Afraid of Color?

Too many shades to choose from?

Not sure which one will work?

No one to ask for help?

Take a look around your space. Does it feel good being there?

Does if feel cold and uninviting? Or warm and cozy? Are your walls all white? 

Do you have the "usual"? Brown furniture? Are your accessories and accent pillows brown as well?

Brighten your life with color!

  • The colors you wear show the favored shades you are drawn to. These colors can guide you to the colors used to decorate your home. What you're wearing are the colors you'll feel most comfortable living with.
  • If you are afraid of using color in your decor, take small steps to incorporate new shades into your decor.
  • Never fear, step out and use those bold colors you've been dreaming of.
  • Paint is one of the most inexpensive components of your decor, therefore it's the easiest to change.

So dive in and explore. Just go for it! Start with a small space, if you're really anxious. I guarantee you'll love the results.

6 Steps to choosing your Color Scheme . . .


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